Weekly Astronomy Colloquium

Spring Semester 2017

Astronomy Colloquia are held at 2:30 pm most Thursdays during the Autumn and Spring semesters. All talks are in 1080 PRB unless otherwise noted. Coffee and Refreshments are served at 2:00pm in 4054 McPherson Lab, except as noted.


Jan 12: Regner Trampedach (University of Colorado) - What 3D Convection Simulations Teach Us About Stars

Jan 19: Lia Corrales (U Wiscnosin Madison) - An X-Ray View of the Dusty Universe 

Jan 26: No Colloquium

Feb 2: Raffaella Margutti (Northwestern) - Astronomical Transients that Defy all Classification Schemes

Feb 9: No Colloquium

Feb 16: Laura Kreidberg (Harvard) - Exoplanet Atmosphere Characterization in the Run-Up to JWST

Feb 23: Tyler Robinson (UC Santa Cruz) - Characterizing Exoplanets with Next Generation Telescopes

Mar 2: Jay Strader (Michigan State) - Black Holes in Globular Star Clusters

Mar 9: James Owen (IAS) - will be located in 1005 Smith Lab

Mar 16: TBA

Mar 23: TBA

Mar 30: TBA

April 6: Dominika Wylezalek (John Hopkins) - will be located in 1005 Smith Lab 

April 13: Bryan Gaensler (U Toronto)

April 20: Matthew Shetrone (U Texas)


Autumn Semester 2016 


Sept 1: Jabran Zahid (CfA) - The Chemical Evolution of Star-Forming Galaxies

Sept 8: No Colloquium

Sept 15: Marshall Johnson (OSU)

Sept 22: Pat McCarthy (Carnegie Observatories) - Giant Telescopes & Astronomical Discovery

Sept 29: Jessie Runnoe (Univeristy of Michigan) - An Observational Search for Supermassive Black Hole Binaries

Oct 6: Tuguldur Sukhbold (OSU) - The Evolution and Explosion of Massive Stars

Oct 13: No Colloquium

Oct 20: No Colloquium 

Oct 27: Molly Peeples (STScl) - The Circumgalactic Medium

Nov 3: Suvi Gezari (Univeristy of Maryland) - Exploring Supermassive Black Hole Demographics with Time Domain Observations

Nov 10: Joel Primack (UC Santa Cruz) - New Insights on Galaxy Formation from Comparing Simulations and Observations

Nov 17: Jorge Moreno (Cal Poly Pomona) - Galaxy Mergers on Fire

Nov 24: Thanksgiving

Dec 1: Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz (UC Santa Cruz) - Heavy Element Synthesis in the Universe



Spring Semester 2016


Jan 21: Jeff Valenti (STScI) - How well are we modeling spectra of solar-type stars?

Jan 28: No Colloquim

Feb 4: No Colloquium 

Feb 11: Tim Brandt (Institute for Advanced Study) - Discovering and Characterizing Exoplanets with High-Contrast Spectroscopy

Feb 18: Fabienne Bastien (Penn State University) - Convection in Cool Stars, as Revealed through Stellar Brightness Variations

Feb 25: TBA

Mar 3: No Colloquium 

Mar 10: No Colloquium 

Mar 17: No Colloquium: Spring Break

Mar 24: Jennifer Yee (CfA) - Probing Small Planets at Several AU with Microlensing

Mar 28: Jim Fuller (Caltech) - The Gravitas of Gravity Waves - Special Time: 3:45pm

Mar 31: Brendan Bowler (Caltech) - The Architecture, Atmospheres, and Origin of Giant Planets with High-Contrast Imaging

April 7: Juna Kollmeier (Carnegie Observatories) - Cosmic Calorimetry: The Nature of the Intergalactic Medium and the Photon Underproduction Crisis 

April 14: Charlie Conroy (Harvard University) - Semi-Resolved Stellar Populations in Space and Time

April 21: No Colloquium