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Astronomy Colloquium

2023-2024 Colloquium Schedule

Astronomy Colloquia are held at 3:00 PM most Thursdays during the Autumn and Spring semesters. Colloquia will follow a hybrid format, meeting in the Chem & Biomolecular Eng & Chem (CBEC) Building - Room 130 for group watching of virtual colloquia and in-person speakers which will also be broadcast on Zoom.

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If you need the password please contact someone you know in the astronomy department or send an email to astronomy@osu.edu

2023-2024 Colloquium Schedule

January 11 - No Colloquium - AAS Meeting

January 18 - No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

January 25 - Ting Li (University of Toronto) - Milky Way's Stellar Streams as Cosmological Probes

February 1 - Tiziana DiMatteo (Carnegie Mellon University) - Massive Black Holes: Insights from Cosmological Simulations

February 8 - Juliette Becker (University of Wisconsin) - Planet Formation from a Dynamical Perspective: Explaining the Orbits of Ultra-Short-Period Planets Through Disk-Planet and Star-Planet Interactions

February 15 - Luke Bouma (California Institute of Technology) - Evolution of Exoplanets and their Broader Environments

February 22 - Tuguldur Sukhbold - From Explosive Simulations to Industrial Solutions

February 29 - Phil Hopkins (California Institute of Technology) - Supermassive Black Holes from AU to Megaparsec: Fundamentally New Physics in Accretion Disks

March 7 - No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

March 14 - No Colloquium - Spring Break

March 21 - Peng Oh (University of California Santa Barbara) - The Multi-Scale Circumgalactic Medium

March 28 - Stephen Taylor (Vanderbilt University) - The Road Ahead For Gravitational-wave Astrophysics At Light-year Wavelengths

April 4 - Daniel Lecoanet (Northwestern University) - Recent Advances in Stellar Astrophysics from Multi-Dimensional Simulations

April 11 - Megan Donahue (Michigan State University) - Clues about AGN Feedback from observations of massive galaxies

April 18 - Varsha Kulkarni (University of South Carolina) - Tracing the Connections between Galaxies and their Circumgalactic Medium

April 25 - Andrey Kravstov (University of Chicago) - Examining Challenges to LCDM Model Near and Far: from Nearby Dwarf Galaxies to UV Bright Galaxies at z>5

May 2 - Cancelled

August 31 - No Colloquium

September 7 - No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

September 14 - Scott Gaudi (OSU) - Hot, Warm, Cold, and Frigid Exoplanets from the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

September 21 - Constantine Deliyannis (Indiana University Bloomington) - Light Element Tracers (Li, Be, B) and the Secret Lives of Sun-like Stars (and the Universe)

September 28 - Ylva Götberg (Institute of Science and Technology Austria) - The discovery and properties of binary-stripped helium stars

October 5 - Carlos Badenes (University of Pittsburgh) - Stellar Multiplicity With Large Spectroscopic Surveys

October 12 - No Colloquium - Autumn Break 

October 19 - No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

October 26 - TBD

November 2 - Sean Johnson (University of Michigan) - Directly tracing the halo-scale gas flows that govern galaxy evolution at z~1

November 9 - Lucia Armillotta (Priceton University) - Cosmic-ray transport in star-forming galactic disks

November 16 - Evan Schneider (University of Pittsburgh) - Galaxy Simulations in the Era of Exascale

November 23 - No Colloquium - Thanksgiving

November 30 - Ben Brown (University of Colorado) - Approaching solar and stellar dynamos from unusual angles

December 7 - No Colloquium

2022 - 2023 Colloquium Schedule

January 12 - No Colloquium - AAS Meeting

January 19 - John Forbes (Simons Foundation) - Towards a Theory of Galaxy Formation in the Era of Good Looking Simulations

January 24 - Carolyn Raithel (IAS)Multi-Messenger Probes of the Neutron Star Equation of State

January 31 - Meridith Joyce (CSFK Konkoly Observatory) - The Ages of Stars and Other Stories: Redefining the Standard for 1D Stellar Modeling Across the Mass Spectrum

February 9 - No Colloquium

February 14 - Anna Rosen (Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences - University of California, San Diego) - Sweating the Small Stuff: Unveiling the Crucial Role of Multi-scale Stellar Feedback in Galaxies

February 21 - Yuan-Sen Ting (Australian National University)

February 23 - No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

March 2 - Adam Leroy (The Ohio State University) - PHANGS-JWST: New views of the matter cycle from highly resolved near- and mid-infrared imaging of galaxies

March 9 - No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

March 16 - No Colloquium - Spring Break

March 23 - Rebecca (Becky) Smethurst (Oxford) - The growth of supermassive black holes is dominated by galaxy merger-free processes

March 28 - Molly Peeples (STScI) - 

March 30 - Richard Teague (MIT) - Witnessing the Assembly of Planetary Systems

April 4 - Marshall Perrin (STScI) - JWST: From First Light to First Science

April 6 - No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

Apr 13 - Sanchayeeta Borthakur (ASU) - The Illusive Pathways that Feed Galaxies

Apr 20: Sarah Millholland (MIT) - Systems of Short-Period Exoplanets: Regularities and Anomalies 

Apr 27: No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

August 25 - No Colloquium - Faculty Symposium

September 1 - Paul Beck (University of Graz) - Asteroseismology of red-giant stars and binaries systems

September 8 - Mark Reynolds (The Ohio State University) - Super-Eddington Accretion: Insight from Stellar Mass Neutron Stars and Black Holes

September 15 - Steve Ertel (University of Arizona) - The LBT Interferometer - a general-purpose instrument for sensitive, high-angular resolution, mid-infrared observations

September 22 - Eileen Gonzales (Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University) - Read Between the Spectral Lines: Characterizing Substellar Atmospheres

September 29 - JD Smith (University of Toledo) - After the Fall: The Dust and Gas in Post-Starburst Galaxies

October 6 - Yvette Cendes (CfA) - Using a Violent Demise to Study Extreme Environments 

October 13 - No Colloquium (Fall Break)

October 20 - No Colloquium

October 27 - Dan Wilkins (Stanford University) - Seeing to the Event Horizons of Supermassive Black Holes

November 3 - Thales Gutcke (Princeton University) - Pioneering the Realm of Ultra-High Resolution Galaxy Formation

November 10 - Anna Rosen (CfA) - A Massive Star is Born: How Stellar Feedback Limits Accretion onto Massive Stars

November 17 - No Colloquium 

November 24 - No Colloquium (Thanksgiving Break)

December 1 - Christina Eilers (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - The Growth of Supermassive Black Holes in the Early Universe

December 8 - No Colloquium

2021 - 2022 Colloquium Schedule

August 26 - No Colloqium

September 2 - Ami Choi (California Institute of Technology) In Person - Cosmology with DES

September 9 - No Colloquium

September 16 - Marina Kounkel (Vanderbilt University) Virtual - Young Stars

September 23 - Victor Aguirre Borsen-Koch (Aarhus University) - Building the Chronology of the Milky Way with Pulsating Stars

September 30 - Anna Ijjas (MPI for Gravitational Physics - Albert Einstein Institute) Virtual - New Frontiers in Fundamental Cosmology

October 7 - No Colloquium

October 14 - No Colloqium

October 21 - Celine Peroux (European Southern Observatory) Virtual - The Cosmic Baryon and Metal Cycles

October 28 - Christine Simpson (University of Chicago) - Simulating the Galaxy: How Computer Simulations Allow us to Test Theories of Galaxy Formation and Evolution

November 4 - Annalisa Pillepich Virtual (MPIA) - The Many Diverse Manifestations of Supermassive Black-Hole Feedback

November 11 - No Colloqium

November 18 - No Colloquium

November 25 - No Colloqium

December 2 - Ariadna Murguia Berthier (Northwestern University) - The Fate of the Merger Remnant in GW170817 and It's Imprint on the Jet Structure

Past Colloquia

Spring 2020 Schedule:

January 9 - No Colloquium - AAS

January 16 - Rupali Chandar (University of Toledo) - From Birth to Death: The Life Cycle of Star Clusters

January 23 - Gordon Richards (Drexel University) - A Modern View of Quasars in the LSST Era

January 30 - Evan Kirby (Caltech) - Galactic Arcaeology: Galaxy Formation and Nucleosynthesis

February 6 - Miki Nakajima (Rochester Institute for Technology) - Origin of the Earth and Moon

February 13 - No Colloqium

February 14 - Savita Mathur (Instituto de Asrofísica de Canarias (IAC) & Rafael Garcia (Service d'Astrophysique du CEA) - TBA

February 20 - Eliza Kempton (University of Maryland) - Revealing the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Super-Earths

February 27 - Richard Townsend - University of Wisconsin

March 5 - No Colloqium

March 12 - No Colloquium - Spring Break

CANCELED - March 19 - Sean Andrews (Harvard University CfA) - Observing Planet Formation

CANCELED - March 26 - Jenny Greene - Princeton University

CANCELED - April 2 - Randall Smith - Harvard University CfA

April 9 - No Colloqium

CANCELED - April 16 - Elena Gallo - University of Michigan

CANCELED - April 23 - Debra Fisher - Yale University

Autumn 2019 Schedule:

Aug 22 - No Colloquium - Departmental Symposium

Aug 29 - No Colloquium

Sept 5 - No Colloquium

Sept 12 - No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

Sept 19 - Ayan Acharyya (Australian National University) - ISM Conditions at Cosmic Noon: New Nebular Diagnostics and Mock IFU Observations

Sept 26 - Yuan-Seng Ting (Institute for Advanced Study) - Into the Starlight: Learning the Milky Way

Oct 3 - Mathieu Vrard (Ohio State University) - Determination of the Evolutionary States of Red Giant Stars through the Use of Seismology: A Review of the Different Existing Techniques

Oct 10 - No Colloquium - Autumn Break

Oct 17 - Ke Zhang (University of Michigan) - Tracing the Chemical Origins of Exoplanetary Worlds

Oct 24 - No Colloquium - Faculty Meeting

Oct 31 - Karin Sandstrom (UC San Diego) - Interstellar Dust at Low Metallicity

Nov 7 - Chris Stark (Space Telescope Science Institute) - The Exoplanet Yield Landscape for Future Space Telescopes

Nov 14 - Sarah Hörst (Johns Hopkins University) - Exploring Planetary Atmospheres in the Lab

Nov 21 - Rachel Bezanson (University of Pittsburgh) - The Formation of Massive Galaxies: Deep, High-Redshift Spectroscopy from the LEGA-C Survey and Beyond

Nov 28 - No Colloquium - Thanksgiving Break

Dec 4 - Chuck Steidel (California Institute of Technology) - Imaging the "Baryon Cycle" of Forming Stars

Dec 5 - Xiaohui Fan (University of Arizona) - Extreme Quasars During the Cosmic Dawn

Spring Semester 2019

Astronomy Colloquia are held at 4 pm most Thursdays during the Autumn and Spring semesters. All talks for Spring 2019 are in 1005 Smith Lab, and Coffee and Refreshments are served at 3:30pm in 4054 McPherson Lab, unless otherwise noted.


Jan 17: No Colloquium

Jan 24: Eve Ostriker (Princeton) - Radiation feedback and the destruction of cluster-forming molecular clouds

Jan 31: Alan McConnachie (NRC Herzberg) - Deconstructing Stellar Halos in the Local Group

Feb 7: No Colloquium

Feb 14: No Colloquium

Feb 21: Erin Kara (University of Maryland) - X-ray Reverberation in Accreting Black Holes

Feb 28: Anne Medling (University of Toledo)

Mar 7: Kelly Holley-Bockelmann (Vanderbilt)

Mar 14: No Colloquium - Spring Break

Mar 21: Marla Geha (Yale)

Mar 28:Preethi Nair (Alabama) - The Impact of Secular Features on the Evolution of Disk Galaxies

Apr 4: Andrew Szentgyorgyi (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)

Apr 11: No Colloquium

Apr 18: Camille Avestruz (University of Chicago) - Simulations for Cluster-Based Cosmology

May 16: Special Colloquium - Mark Krumholz (Australian National University) 


Autumn Semester 2018

Astronomy Colloquia are held at 4 pm most Thursdays during the Autumn and Spring semesters. All talks are in 1005 Smith Lab, and Coffee and Refreshments are served at 3:30pm in 4054 McPherson Lab, unless otherwise noted.


Aug 23: No Colloquium - Department Symposium

Aug 30: Andrew Benson (Carnegie) - The "N" in "N-Body"

Sep 6: No Colloquium 

Sep 13: Alberto Bolatto (Maryland) - The Central Engine and Outflows in the Nuclear Starburst of NGC 253 as Revealed by ALMA

Sep 20: Mariska Kriek (UC Berkeley) - Reconstructing the Formation Histories of Massive Galaxies

Sep 27: No Colloquium

Oct 4: Karen Leighly (Oklahoma) - What's in the Wind? Spectral Synthesis Modeling of Broad Absorption Line Quasars

Oct 11: No Colloquium - Autumn Break

Oct 18: No Colloquium

Oct 25: Ben Montet (Chicago) - Understanding the evolution of planetary systems and their host stars from the ground and from space

Nov 1: Keith Hawkins (UT Austin) - Galactic Archaeology in the Gaia Era

Nov 8: Tim Linden (Ohio State) - The Rise of the Leptons: Emission from Pulsars will Dominate the next Decade of TeV Gamma-Ray Astronomy

Nov 15: Courtney Dressing (UC Berkeley)

Nov 22: No Colloquium - Thanksgiving

Nov 29: Lynne Hillenbrand (Caltech) - The Gaia Revolution in Pre-Main Sequence Stars and Star Clusters