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July 31, 2020

Two Ohio State Astronomers make the Office of Research's list of 150 years of innovation.

Congratulations to

Kris Stanek for his research on the explosive deaths of massive stars…

July 31, 2020

For two decades, astronomers have argued over how much carbon, nitrogen and especially oxygen lie within our closest star — a dispute with implications for the entire universe.



July 27, 2020

Astronomers are preparing to further study the atmospheres of planets discovered through NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission to identify the most promising exoplanets —…

July 20, 2020
Data shows that about 6 billion years ago, the universe’s expansion accelerated

A new three-dimensional map, built after decades of collecting and analyzing data from the skies, shows how the…

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B. Scott Gaudi
Thomas Jefferson Professor for Discovery and Space Exploration, University Distinguished Scholar
John F. Beacom
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Physics and of Astronomy, Henry L. Cox Professor of Physics and of Astronomy, and Director of the Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP)
Hubble Fellow, CCAPP Fellow