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UMAAC - Undergraduate Majors/Minors in Astronomy & Astrophysics Committee

The Undergraduate Majors/Minors in Astronomy and Astrophysics Committee (UMAAC) is a student-driven coalition of astronomy majors and minors that represent a diverse range of goals, academic years, demographics, and backgrounds, in order to serve as representatives of the student body of undergraduate Astronomy and Astrophysics majors and minors at Ohio State.

The goal of the UMAAC is to serve as a liaison between the faculty and students of the Astronomy Department through presenting concerns, criticisms, and ideas for the growth of the department as a whole. We seek to gather input from students and faculty alike in order to improve the experience of undergraduate Astronomy students and foster communication between all members of the department. 

Our primary initiative is to gather information on the climate of the undergraduate community and to make recommendations to the Department of Astronomy based on this data. We also hold office hours when listed and are always available to listen to others in order to maintain a consistent avenue for communication with the student body.

To contact UMAAC, please email one of our committee chairs: 

Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Undergraduate Majors/Minors in Astronomy and Astrophysics Committee (UMAAC) is to collate and summarize ideas, comments, criticisms, concerns, and suggestions for the Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) major and minors in particular, as well as the Astronomy Department, the College of Arts and Sciences, and The Ohio State University at large. UMAAC will provide a direct line of communication between A&A undergraduates and Astronomy Department Leadership. Its members will be a diverse representation of the A&A undergraduate student body and they will be tasked with sharing the perspectives, ideas, and concerns of their fellow students.

UMAAC will solicit and organize input from the A&A student body, and present this to department leadership. UMAAC will also identify ways to increase the communication and coordination of the A&A majors and minors with the Astronomy Department, to the benefit of all Astronomy and Astrophysics majors and minors. 

They will strategize to ensure all students feel welcome in the major and propose suggestions for increasing diversity and inclusion within the Department. Finally, they will identify ways in which members of the Department of Astronomy can facilitate the transition of students graduating with A&A major and/or minor degrees to future career paths.