Astronomy Help Sessions


In an effort to better serve our undergraduates taking astronomy courses and those who are in the Astronomy major and minor, we are scheduling office hours to be help sessions offered 4 days per week from 4pm–6pm. At each session, there will be two graduate students who are currently TAs and other undergraduate students who may be in your class or have taken it. If your specific TA is not there, that is ok, ask others!! These help sessions are meant for you to receive help for any of your astronomy courses and some coaching on some of your physics courses. At these help sessions, we would like you to work collaboratively and keep the environment supportive. All students will be required to abide by the Code of Conduct as approved by the Department of Astronomy.

Starting on January 17, and each day classes are in session, the following locations are from 4pm–6pm. Help Sessions will continue while classes are in session, ending April 24th, 2023. Locations will be updated before the first day of office hours.

Mondays - Physics Research Building Atrium (Vernier Commons)

Tuesdays - Physics Research Building Atrium (Vernier Commons)

Wednesdays- McPherson 4054 (Astro Coffee Room) - can go until 7pm if students are in attendance

Thursdays- Physics Research Building Atrium (Vernier Commons)

If you have any questions or cannot find the group please email and we can try to help you out. The locations may change based on the number of students who are coming and we need larger rooms. If you have experienced an incident that you want to tell someone about, you may email or check out the resources page here.