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Awards and Scholarships

The Ohio State Department of Astronomy recognizes excellence among undergraduate students with special scholarships, fellowships, and awards generously supported by gifts to the department.

L. Earl Slusher Scholarship in Astronomy

To show his appreciation for the kind assistance he received from OSU Astronomy professor Gerald Newsom and his wife Ann, L. Earl Slusher established an endowment fund to honor exceptional Astronomy undergraduates at OSU.

The L. Earl Slusher Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Astronomy major who has shown exceptional promise for going on to graduate work in Astronomy. It is typically given to a junior or senior selected by the department chair from among students nominated by the faculty, although exceptional freshmen or sophomores may be selected. The amount of the award varies between $2000 and $2500, and although it can be awarded annually, it is only given when faculty members consider a student truly exceptional.

Past Recipients of the Slusher Scholarship

Loren E. Bollinger - Kenneth E. Kissell Scholarship

The Loren E. Bollinger-Kenneth E. Kissell Endowment Fund was established on December 1, 1989, by the Board of Trustees of the Ohio State University with gifts to the OSU Development Fund from Dr. Kenneth E. Kissell (BS 1949, MS 1958, Ph.D. Astronomy 1969). The Bollinger-Kissell Endowment honors the career of Loren E. Bollinger (BSEE 1948, MS AeroEngr 1956), a science columnist with The Columbus Dispatch and an instructor in the Dept. of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at OSU from 1956-1966, as well as the friendship between Dr. Kissell and Mr. Bollinger.

The Bollinger-Kissell Scholarship provides an annual scholarship in the School of Journalism, College of Engineering (Depts of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and Electrical Engineering), and the Department of Astronomy. The scholarship is given to a junior or senior student in these programs that shows a demonstrated interest in science writing. Recipients should be residents of the State of Ohio with a preference for students from the northeast quadrant of the State. Scholarship recipients will be chosen by the University Committee on Student Financial Aid, in consultation with the appropriate department chairperson.

Past Recipients of the Bollinger-Kissell Scholarship

Ann Slusher Tuttle Undergraduate Scholarship

Established on April 10, 2015, with a gift from Ann Tuttle, the Ann Slusher Tuttle Undergraduate Scholarship is used to provide one or more undergraduate scholarships for students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences who are majoring in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Past Recipients of the Tuttle Undergraduate Scholarship

Other Scholarships at Ohio State

Ohio State offers a variety of merit scholarships to outstanding students. For a copy of the Selected Merit Scholarships brochure, call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 614-292-3980 or email askabuckeye@osu.edu

The College of Arts and Sciences has a full list of scholarships and grants that can be found here. You should investigate each of the categories for all the options available to you. Students often apply for Merit and Need-Based Awards, which has a common application for each award. Astronomy students have also been extremely competitive for the Undergraduate Research Scholarships and International Research Grants.