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Allan H. Markowitz Award in Observational Astronomy

The Allan Markowitz Graduate Award in Observational Astronomy is made possible by a generous gift from Ohio State doctoral alumnus Dr. Allan H. Markowitz (MS 1966, PhD 1969). The Markowitz Endowment was established April 7, 2006 by the Board of Trustees of the Ohio State University.

The Markowitz Award is given to a graduate student who is conducting or developing a research program in areas of observational astronomy, including the analysis of data obtained with space-based observatories, or facilities that are queue-scheduled or provide service observing. During the Spring Quarter, the Graduate Studies Committee will solicit nominations from the faculty, examine the cases, and make a recommendation to the Department Chair. The Graduate Committee may decline to make a recommendation if they judge that none of the nominees are truly exceptional. The Department Chair may elect not to make an award based on fiscal constraints.

A student may win the Markowitz Award only once.

The award citation reads:

The Allan Markowitz Graduate Award presented by The Ohio State University Department of Astronomy to (name) on the recommendation of the Graduate Committee for excellence in observational astronomy.

Past Recipients

2023 - Jack Neustadt

2022 - Romy Rodriguez Martinez & Zhefu Yu

2021 - Patrick Vallely

2020 - Sanskriti Das & Tharindu Jayasinghe

2019 - Jiayi Sun

2018 - Suk-Sien Tie

2017 - Jonathan Brown

2016 - Tom Holoien & Michael Fausnaugh

2015 - Scott Adams

2014 - Jill Gerke

2013 - Ben Shappee

2012 - Catherine Grier

2011 - Linda C. Watson

2010 - Jason Eastman

2009 - Kelly Denney

2008 - Jose Luis Prieto

2007 - Deokkeun An

2006 - Misty C. Bentz