Get Involved

The ISL is always looking to engage with talented students, engineers and collaborators to advance our instrumentation efforts.

Undergraduate Students

Within the ISL, we routinely work with undergraduate students with majors in astronomy, physics and engineering.

Opportunities for OSU students during the semester

For physics and astronomy majors, during fall and spring semester it may be possible to work on a specific instrumentation focused project for academic research credit.  The usual pathway for majors and minors to participate during the school year is through the Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Astrophysics.

For engineering majors, there may be possibility for student employment in the ISL engineering group, particularly in mechanical, electronics, and software engineering disciplines. 

If you are interested in either of these options, please reach out to Prof. Richard Pogge or any member of the ISL staff.

Summer Opportunities for OSU students

The Department of Astronomy at OSU runs a Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Astrophysics program. As part of this program we often offer instrumentation focused projects. Please contact Prof. Richard Pogge for details about the projects which may be offered for a specific summer session.

Graduate Students

We welcome astronomy graduate students engagement with astronomical instrumentation at OSU and have a strong history of successful graduate student-led programs. If you are currently an OSU astronomy graduate student, or are a prospective student who is applying to our graduate program, and would like to know more about current and future instrumentation opportunities, please reach out to Prof. Richard Pogge or Dr. Jonathan Crass.


The ISL has a long history of working with a wide-range of collaborators on instrumentation projects from small to large scale, especially on projects that align well with departmental science interests. If you have an instrumentation project, idea or need which you are looking for collaborate on, please reach out to Prof. Richard Pogge to see how the ISL can help.