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M.S. Degree Alumni

Ohio State granted its first masters degree in Astronomy to Edwin F. Coddington in 1897, since then OSU only granted masters degrees until its PhD program was started in 1955.  A thesis masters was often an intermediate step to pursuing a PhD.  After 1991, this became less common, and we introduced a non-thesis terminal Masters Degree in 1993, though a thesis Masters is also possible as a terminal degree option.

Below is a list of all thesis or terminal non-thesis Masters Degrees awarded from 1897 to date. Some of the thesis M.S. degree recipients also went on to receive a Ph.D. degree from OSU. Non-thesis M.S. degrees granted to later OSU Ph.D. recipients are not listed here.

Thesis Masters Degrees

Edwin F. Coddington, M.S., 1897
    Thesis: Definitive Determination of the Orbit of Comet (b) 1896

Benjamin F. Maag, M.S., 1899
    Thesis: A Method of Determining Time and Latitude by Means of a Surveyor's Theodolite

Marvin Cobb, M.S., 1932
    Thesis: On the Correlation of Solar Phenomena and Radio Signal Intensities with results of Observations made at Perkins Observatory
    Adviser: Harlan Stetson (OWU)

Ernest Cherrington, Jr., M.S., 1932
    Thesis: The Motion of Matter in the Tail of the Comet Morehouse
    Adviser: Harlan Stetson (OWU)

Josef Jerome Johnson, M.S., 1932
    Thesis: A Study of the Possibilities of a Tidal Effect in the Kennelly-Heaviside Layer with a Special Reference to a Correlation of Intensity of Radio Reception with the Lunar Attitudes

Marjory Rogers Wright, M.S., 1933
    Thesis: The Physical Characteristics of Comet 1844 I

James M. McQueen, M.S., 1937
    Thesis: An Investigation of the Structure of Certain Emission Lines in the Spectrum of Nova Herculis, 1934
    Adviser: N.T Bobrovnikoff

Samual S. Whitt, M.S., 1939
    Thesis: A Study of Helium in the Spectrum of Phi Persei
    Adviser: J.A. Hynek

Marko A. Paliobagis, M.S., 1949
    Thesis: The Investigation of the Brightness of Comet Whipple-Fedtke-Tevzadze (1942g)
    Adviser: J.A. Hynek

William C. White, M.S., 1950
    Thesis: Investigation of Radial Velocities of Stars in Composite Spectra
    Adviser: J.A. Hynek

David N. Limber, M.S., 1950
    Thesis: A Photoelectric Investigation of RS Canum Venaticorum and YY Sagittarii
    Adviser: G. Keller

Phillip C. Stanger, M.S., 1954
    Thesis: A Study of Spectroscopic Binary 5 Lacertae
    Adviser: J.A. Hynek

Richard G. Teske, M.S., 1956
    Thesis: An Investigation of the Spectrum of FU Monocerotis
    Adviser: P.C. Keenan

James W. Galli, M.S., 1956
    Thesis: A Photoelectric Investigation of the Distribution of Light in Stellar Images as Affected by Atmospheric Turbulence and Optical Aberrations
    Adviser: G. Keller

Leonard A. Maestre, M.S., 1958
    Thesis: Wavelengths and Identifications for the Lines appearing in the Spectrum of the Manganese Star Iota Corona Borealis
    Adviser: A. Slettebak

Jack A. Wright, M.S., 1958
    Thesis: Radial Velocities of K-Type Stars from Moderate-Dispersion Grating Spectrograms in the Red Region
    Adviser: P.C. Keenan

Henry F. Fliegel, M.S., 1959
    Thesis: Information Obtainable from High-Dispersion Spectra of Late-Class Stars in the Visual Red
    Adviser: P.C. Keenan

John Haptonstall Hill, M.S., 1961
    Thesis: A Spectroscopic Study of Lambda Bootis Peculiar Stars
    Adviser: A. Slettebak

Ronald E. Roll, M.S., 1961
    Thesis: The Design, Construction and Preliminary Performance of the Luminous Shock Tube of the McMillan Observatory
    Adviser: A. Slettebak

Warren M. Young, M.S., 1961
    Thesis: Temperature Classification of Late M-type Stars from Low-Dispersion Spectrograms taken in the Green Region of the Spectrum
    Adviser: P.C. Keenan

David D. Meisel, M.S., 1963
    Thesis: A Physical Classification System for Comets
    Adviser: N.T. Bobrovnikoff

James P. Harrington, M.S., 1964
    Thesis: A Study of the Variations in the Maxima of 165 Long-Period Variable Stars
    Adviser: P.C. Keenan

Christopher A. Feuchter, M.S., 1965
    Thesis: A Spectroscopic Study of Phi Persei
    Adviser: W.K. Bonsack

William A. Wallace, M.S., 1965
    Thesis: Variations in the Spectrum of 56 Arietis
    Adviser: W.K. Bonsack

Simon C. Simonson, III, M.S., 1965
    Thesis: An Investigation into the Capabilties of the 16"/24" Schottland Schmidt Telescope of Perkins Observatory for UBV Photographic Photometry
    Adviser: A. Slettebak

Stephan D. Price, M.S., 1966
    Thesis: Construction and Testing of a Multi-color Photoelectric Photometer
    Adviser: W.E. Mitchell, Jr.

Allan H. Markowitz, M.S., 1966
    Thesis: Spectral Variations in 73 Draconis
    Adviser: W.K. Bonsack

Roger B. Culver, M.S., 1966
    Thesis: Calcium Autoionization Lines in Late-type Stars
    Adviser: W.K. Bonsack

Frank L. Damm, M.S., 1966
    Thesis: An Evaluation of UBV Photoelectric Photometry at Perkins Observatory
    Adviser: W.E. Mitchell, Jr.

John C. Avellone, M.S., 1967
    Thesis: The McMillan Shock Tube as a Source for the Spectroscopic Study of the Metallic Oxides
    Adviser: P.C. Keenan

Edith Guderley, M.S., 1967
    Thesis: A Spectroscopic Study of the Spectrum Variable HD 4778
    Adviser: A. Slettebak

James R. Thompson, M.S., 1967
    Thesis: The Optical Identification of the Radio Sources in the Ohio State Surveys
    Adviser: J.D. Kraus

Richard R. Wright, M.S., 1967
    Thesis: Rotational Velocities and Radial Velocities of A-type Stars Brighter than Magnitude 9.5 in High Galactic Latitudes
    Adviser: A. Slettebak

Nathanial M. White, M.S., 1968
    Thesis: Photometry of the 4227Ã… CaI Line in K- and M-type Stars
    Adviser: P.C. Keenan

Harry H. Heimple, M.S., 1969
    Thesis: Absolute Photoelectric Photometry of Shock Tube Spectra
    Adviser: P.L. Byard

Thomas Hepner, M.S., 1969
    Thesis: A Comparison of the Observed and Theoretical Opacities in the Solar Spectral Region 3149-3593Ã…
    Adviser: W.E. Mitchell, Jr.

Thomas Whitney, M.S., 1970
    Thesis: An Analysis of the University of Arizona's 13-color Medium-Bandwidth Photometric System.
    Adviser: R.F. Wing

Mirjana M. Radivich, M.S., 1970
    Thesis: The Identification of Ohio Radio Sources with Optical Objects
    Adviser: J.D. Kraus

Garold K. Larson, M.S., 1971
    Thesis: The Effects of von Zeippel's Theorem on the Atmospheres of Rapidly Rotating Stars
    Adviser: G.W. Collins, II

Richard K. Brundage, M.S., 1971
    Thesis: Determination of Positions and Magnitudes of Early-Type Stars Near the South Galactic Pole
    Adviser: A. Slettebak

Clayton E. Howerton, M.S., 1971
    Thesis: The Development of Stellar Catalog Cross References
    Adviser: G.W. Collins, II

James M. Lund, M.S., 1972
    Thesis: A Computer Method for Optical Identification of Radio Sources
    Adviser: J.D. Kraus

Catherine L. Imhoff, M.S., 1973
    Thesis: A Critical Review of the Photoelectric Observations T Tauri Stars
    Adviser: T.P. Roark

Patricia Pitts, M.S., 1974
    Thesis: The Galactic Distribution of Mira Variables with Periods Between 150 and 200 Days.
    Adviser: P.C. Keenan

Leon Palmer, M.S., 1974
    Thesis: The Calibration of the Stromgren Photometric System
    Adviser: T.P. Roark

Brian S. Crowley, M.S., 1975
    Thesis: Tidally Interacting Galaxies: A Model for NGC 5194 with Initial Spiral Structure
    Adviser: W.E. Mitchell, Jr.

Curtis P. Rinsland, M.S., 1975
    Thesis: The Ohio Radio Sky Survey, Supplement 2
    Adviser: J.D. Kraus

Norman D. Delamater, M.S., 1975
    Thesis: An Analyis of the Spectrum of Singly-Ionized Yttrium
    Adviser: G.H. Newsom

Patrick J. Malloy, M.S., 1976
    Thesis: Transition Probabilities for Some Ions of Astrophysical Interest
    Adviser: S.J. Czyzak

Clifton C. Cavanaugh, M.S., 1976
    Thesis: A Re-examination of the Neutral Calcium Spectrum
    Adviser: G.H. Newsom

Sandra B. Yorka, M.S., 1976
    Thesis: A Catalogue of S-Type Stars and a Study of Their Galactic Distribution
    Adviser: R.F. Wing

Wayne Arenz, M.S., 1979
    Thesis: On the Reduction of Radial Velocities from Distorted Image Type Spectra
    Adviser: T.P. Roark

Stephen J. Schiller, M.S., 1981
    Thesis: A Catalogue of M Giant Stars in a Region of the South Galactic Pole
    Adviser: A. Slettebak

Craig L. Joseph, M.S., 1994
    Thesis: The Paczynski Code: A Computer Program for Calculating Stellar Evolution
    Adviser: G.W. Collins, II

Panagiotis G. Kakaletris, M.S., 1985
    Thesis: Spectral Classification of Late M Stars and Comparison with Several Surveys
    Adviser: R.F. Wing

Elizabeth A. Park, M.S., 1986
    Thesis: Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of the Accretion Disk in TZ Eridani
    Adviser: R.H. Kaitchuck

Cathy S. Mansperger, M.S., 1987
    Thesis: Spectroscopy of the Dwarf Nova RX And in Outburst and Quiescence
    Adviser: R.H. Kaitchuck

Tzuu-Huey Guo, M.S., 1987
    Thesis: Studies on the Neon-Rich Nova Vulpeculae 1984 #2 in the Optical Band
    Adviser: G.H. Newsom

Yi-Jehng Kuan, M.S., 1988
    Thesis: Predicted K Magnitudes for Stars in the Regions South of Declination -33° and North of +81°
    Adviser: R.F. Wing

Nancy Joanne Lame, M.S., 1991
    Thesis: NGC 6302: Ionized by a Very Hot Star or by a Wind?
    Adviser: G. Ferland

Steven R. Cranmer, M.S. 1991
    Thesis: A Self-Consistent Model Atmosphere Approach to the Radiative Interaction in Close Binary Stars, Applied to Light Curve Solutions.
    Adviser: George W. Collins, II

Thomas Bumgardner, M.S. 1993
    Thesis: Astrometry and Photometry of M17 from New Near-Infrared Imaging
    Adviser: Darren L. DePoy

Khairul Alam, M.S. 2002
    Thesis:  The Shapes of Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    Adviser: Barbara Ryden

Robert Siverd, M.S. 2010
    Thesis:  Galaxy Orientation and Alignment Effects in the SDSS DR6
    Adviser: Barbara Ryden & Scott Gaudi

Claudia Araya Salvo, M.S. 2012
    Thesis:  Discovery of an Active Supermassive Black Hole in the Bulge-less Galaxy NGC 4561
    Adviser: Smita Mathur

Joshua Machado, M.S. 2022
    Thesis:  Spatial Distributions of Giant Molecular Clouds and Associations in PHANGS-ALMA Galaxies
    Adviser: Adam Leroy

Ari Bredall, M.S. 2023


Non-Thesis (Terminal) Masters Degrees

Jun Zhao, M.S., 1993
Jainfeng Peng, M.S., 1994
Tina Mailloux, M.S., 1996
Dixie Burns, M.S., 1997
Yongquan Yuan, M.S., 2000
Adam Steed, M.S., 2005
Susan Dorsher, M.S., 2006