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Adam Leroy
4037 McPherson Laboratory
Laura Lopez
Associate Professor
4041 McPherson Laboratory
Paul Martini
Professor of Astronomy and Physics (Courtesy), Vice Chair for Administration
4021 McPherson Laboratory
Smita Mathur
4039 McPherson Laboratory
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
M2016 Physics Research Building
Richard Pogge
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, Vice Chair for Instrumentation
4059 McPherson Laboratory
Professor of Astronomy and Physics (Courtesy), University Distinguished Scholar
4019 McPherson Laboratory

Postdoctoral Researchers

Samantha Benincasa
CCAPP Fellow, NSERC Fellow, Ohio State President's Postdoctoral Scholar
M2006 Physics Research Building
Naim Karacayli
CCAPP Fellow
M2021 Physics Research Building
 Chun-Hao To
CCAPP Fellow
M2006 Physics Research Building

Graduate Students

Joy Bhattacharyya
Graduate Student
4042 McPherson Lab
Presidential Graduate Fellow
McPherson Laboratory
Graduate Student
4011 McPherson Laboratory
James Johnson
Graduate Student
4011 McPherson Laboratory
Grace Olivier
Graduate Student
4011 McPherson Chemical Laboratory