Astronomy and CCAPP Group Meetings

Astronomy and CCAPP host a number of group meetings about topics in astronomy and astrophysics for students, faculty, and staff working in these areas. Members of the department and CCAPP should feel free to contact the seminar organizers about Zoom information to attend and get access to other collaborative tools. The meetings are listed in the order they occur throughout the week starting on Mondays.  All meetings are in 4054 McPherson unless otherwise indicated.

Little Galaxies Journal Club

3:00 PM every Monday in PRB Price Place (Schedule)
Contacts: Joy Bhattacharyya and Charlie Mace


4:15 PM every Monday
Contact: Prof. Marc Pinsonneault

Galaxies/Interstellar Medium (ISM)

3:00 PM every Tuesday
Contacts: Dr. Amy SardoneJames Johnson

Theoretical Astrophysics

12:15 PM every Wednesday
Contact: Prof. Todd Thompson


1:00 PM every Wednesday in PRB 4138 or Zoom (passcode required) 
Contacts: Prof. Paul Martini, Prof. Klaus Honscheid, Prof. David Weinberg, Prof. Chris Hirata

Time Domain Astronomy

1:00 PM every Tuesday
Contact: Dr. Michael Tucker,  Dominick Rowan

Diversity Journal Club

12:30 PM alternate Thursdays (Schedule)
Contact: Prof. Jennifer Johnson

CCAPP Cosmology Lunch

3:00 PM every Wednesday in PRB Price Place (Schedule)
Contact: Dr. Naim KaracayliDr. Chun-Hao To, and Emily Koivu

Lyman Alpha 

2:00 PM every Thursday in PRB M2015 or Zoom (passcode required)
Contacts: Prof. Paul MartiniProf. David Weinberg

CCAPP AstroParticle Lunch

11:45 AM every Friday in PRB Price Place (Schedule)
Contacts: Dr. Ivan Esteban, Dr. Keith McBride, and Po-Wen Chang


11:15 AM every Friday
Contact: Dr. Marshall Johnson

Astro Tea 

3:30 PM every Friday
Contact: Prof. Ji Wang