Astronomy and CCAPP Group Meetings


Astronomy and CCAPP host a number of group meetings about topics in astronomy. Members of the department should feel free to contact the seminar organizers about Zoom information to attend and get access to other collaborative tools. The meetings are listed in the order they occur throughout the week starting on Mondays.

Little Galaxies Journal Club

3:00 PM every Monday (Schedule)
Contacts: Prof. Annika Peter, James Johnson


4:00 PM every Monday
Contact: Prof. Marc Pinsonneault

Cosmology Group Meeting

2:00 PM every other Tuesday

Contacts: Dr. Anna Porredon and Dr. Jack Elvin-Poole

Galaxies/Interstellar Medium (ISM)

3:00 PM every Tuesday
Contacts: Dr. Amy Sardone and Dr. Fiorenzo Vincenzo

Theoretical Astrophysics

12:15 PM every Wednesday
Contact: Prof. Todd Thompson

DESI - Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

1:00 PM every Wednesday
Contact: Prof. Paul Martini


1:45 PM every Wednesday
Contact: Prof. Kris Stanek


3:00 PM every Wednesday
Contact: Dr. David Martin

CCAPP AstroParticle Lunch

11:45 AM every Friday (Schedule)
Contacts: Dr. Juri Smirnov, Dr. Ivan Esteban, and Po-Wen Chang

CCAPP Cosmology Lunch

3:00 PM every Wednesday
Contact: Kevin Fanning