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Undergraduate Discovers Exoplanet Using Innovative Technique

July 26, 2011
A fairly new method for finding exoplanets lead to a pleasant surprise for one OSU astronomy undergraduate. Working on an undergraduate research project during the summer of 2009, Julia Janczak became the first OSU undergraduate to find an exoplanet using microlensing.

KELT: A Little Telescope with a Tall Order

July 26, 2011
It may be an extremely little telescope, but KELT is far from insignificant. KELT's job of searching for exoplanets goes to show that even the smallest telescopes can still make a large contribution to astronomy and the science community overall.

Studying Exoplanets with DEMONEX

March 23, 2011
Jason Eastman's self-built telescope DEMONEX
Graduate student Jason Eastman looks to the skies with his personally owned telescope, DEMONEX. Programmed to search for known exoplanets, DEMONEX is helping Eastman to improve theories on planetary formation and evolution as we speak.