New Vistas in Astronomy Lecture Series

If you have ever looked up at the stars and marveled at the vastness and beauty of the Universe, then "New Vistas in Astronomy" is for you.

Since 1997, New Vistas in Astronomy has provided mini-courses in Astronomy given by Ohio State and Ohio Wesleyan Astronomers. New Vistas gives residents of central Ohio an opportunity to hear about a range of topics from the history of astronomy to the latest discoveries, and to observe a variety of celestial objects with the 32-inch Schottland reflecting telescope.

All lectures are on Thursday evenings at 8 p.m. at the Perkins Observatory near Delaware Ohio.

Program Schedule for 2022

Program Date Theme Presenter
Jan 20th The next decade of astronomy in the U.S. Scott Gaudi (OSU)
Feb 17th Magnetic fields in stars Marc Pinsonneault (OSU)
Mar 10th Cosmic Acceleration: What we know and don't know     David Weinberg (OSU)
Apr 14th TBA: Galaxies Amy Sardone (OSU)
May 19th TBA Christopher Kochanek (OSU)
Jun 9th The Sun with atomic physics Sultana Nahar (OSU)
Jul 14th TBA Bob Harmon (OWU)
Aug 11th or 18th    TBA David V. Martin (OSU)
Sep 8th or 15th The first three minutes Ji Wang (OSU)
Oct 13th A Walk in the Lyman Alpha Forest Paul Martini (OSU)
Nov 17th Why some astrobiologists have it ALL wrong Donald Terndrup (OSU)
Dec 8th TBD: Multi-Messenger Astronomy Michael Stamatikos (OSU Newark)


Please note that programs and presenters may change without notice due to the unanticipated unavailability of the previously scheduled presenter.

Ticket Information

Admission to "New Vistas in Astronomy" is by purchase only. There is a limit of 80 patrons, so call and purchase your tickets in advance. For more information, please contact

Mailing address:

Perkins Observatory
61 S. Sandusky St.
Delaware, OH 43015

Telephone: (740) 363-1257


Programs also include views of various celestial objects through the main observatory telescope, weather permitting. These programs are designed primarily for an adult audience; however children 8 years of age or older will be admitted provided that each child is accompanied by an adult. Programs will be held rain or shine, so refunds on tickets are not possible, and single-night tickets are only for the date specified.

Directions to Perkins

The Perkins Observatory is located on U.S. Route 23, four miles south of Delaware and 12 miles north of the I-270 Columbus beltway. The Perkins driveway is on the left if you are driving south on Rt. 23, and on the right if you are driving north.