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LGBTQ and URM Support


Personal pronouns are used to refer to a person when you are talking about them in the third person. Much like our names, pronouns are tied to our sense of identity. Pronouns indicate how the outside world should recognize and address us. All Arts and Sciences people pages support putting in your pronouns. More information on designating your pronouns can be found at the link below.


LGBTQ at Ohio State

Finding a sense of belonging on campus is exciting, but can present challenges, too. The Ohio State University is committed to ensuring LGBTQ+ students are connected to resources that ensure they feel safe, heard, and valued on campus.


Trans at Ohio State

Transgender communities have pioneered the fight for LGBTQ+ rights since the days of Stonewall and before. For individuals who are questioning their gender identity, exploring gender expression, or expressing their most authentic self, finding community is vitally important. The Ohio State University strives to support students, staff, and faculty of all genders by providing resources including trans-inclusive student housing, health care and insurance coverage, legal support, training, and more.


Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Gender-inclusive restrooms are available throughout Ohio State’s Columbus campus. An interactive and significantly more complete map of all Columbus campus facilities is available on the OSU app. Open the app, select More, and under the Campus section is Gender Inclusive Restrooms. To download the app, click here. The nearest to McPherson Labs are

  • Fontana Labs: 1003T, 2151T
  • CBEC: 103T
  • Scott: N350T (North Wing)
  • Celeste Chemistry Lab: 443T (Currently Closed)

lgbtq.osu.edu/community/gender-inclusive-restrooms (needs updating)

Central Ohio Resources

A variety of resources for LGBTQ+ communities are available in and around Columbus. For a downloadable copy of these resources, click here or go to the website. 


AAS - Committee for Sexual-Orientation & Gender Minorities in Astronomy (SGMA)


Bulletin of the AAS - Ten Ways to Improve Support Resources for Workplace Incivility in Astronomy


Minority Identity Group Counseling

Groups for students to receive support and group counseling can be found at the link below.


Black Mental Health

The linked page is a step in OSU's commitment to Black Lives Matter as we want to offer resources for Black Ohio State students to engage in healing and positive connection. Here you can find the information about our Black clinicians, groups, and workshops designed for Black students as well as other resources curated for celebrating Black lives. 


Collegiate Recovery Community

The Collegiate Recovery Community is a welcoming and inclusive environment for students in or seeking recovery. Our office as well as our student lounge is conveniently located on campus in 097 Baker Hall, across from the Ohio Union. The CRC is a place where students are empowered to be their authentic selves and support one another while navigating their college experience free of alcohol and other drugs. We serve as the main touchpoint for students in recovery who are either currently attending or plan on attending The Ohio State University by acting as a connector for the students and assisting them in utilizing resources on- and off-campus.

614-292-2094 | swc.osu.edu/services/collegiate-recovery-community | recovery@osu.edu