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Upcoming Events

September 21, 2023
In Person & Online: Chem & Biomolecular Eng & Chem (CBEC) - Room 130; Zoom Webinar
September 28, 2023
Hybrid: McPherson 4054 and Zoom
September 30, 2023
West Campus Quad near Byrd Polar

Recent News

September 11, 2023

Faculty, staff and students in the Departments of Astronomy and Physics will play a large part in NASA’s next large astrophysics mission, the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (Roman), expected to…

August 3, 2023
Study uses new code to test next-gen telescope abilities

As the next generation of giant, high-powered observatories begin to come online, a new study suggests that their instruments…

July 20, 2023
Magnetic activity plays a key role in exoplanet habitability

Astronomers have found evidence that some stars boast unexpectedly strong surface magnetic fields, a discovery that…

July 20, 2023

Astronomy graduate student Elvira Cruz-Cruz wins a FINESST research grant for her proposal and work with Professor Chris Kochanek. Congratulations to Elvira for her outstanding scientific work.…

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Paul Martini
Professor of Astronomy and Physics (Courtesy)
Harrison Blake
UMAAC Member / Undergraduate
Mark Derwent
Senior Research Associate - Engineer, Engineering Group Lead