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Paul Sutter Awarded Grant from Ohio State's Women and Philanthropy

June 14, 2018
OSU STEAM Factory outreach

Paul Sutter received a Women and Philanthropy grant award to connect OSU STEAM Factory faculty, including from the Department of Astronomy, with the COSI after-school outreach team to co-develop new programs that are wrapped around the expertise of that faculty member.

Christopher Hirata Awarded New Horizons Physics Prize

May 23, 2018
Christopher Hirata, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at The Ohio State University
Christopher Hirata received the New Horizons in Physics Prize “for fundamental contributions to understanding the physics of early galaxy formation and to sharpening and applying the most powerful tools of precision cosmology,” according to the awarders of the annual Breakthrough Prize.

Kris Stanek Named a 2018 University Distinguished Scholar

March 7, 2018

Krzysztof (Kris) Stanek, professor of astronomy, has received the university's Distinguished Scholar Award, which recognizes exceptional scholarly accomplishments by senior professors who have combiled a substantial body of research, as well as younger faculty members who have de