Research Opportunities in Astronomy


This page lists summer undergraduate research opportunities in astronomy and space sciences outside of OSU. Appearance on this list is informational, not an explicit endorsement (although all of them are great opportunities, and all are paid positions).

NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs typically have deadlines early in the new year for programs to run during the upcoming summer. NASA programs have similar application deadlines.

Most programs require you to fill out an application form (usually but not always online), write an essay, and provide either letters of recommendation (usually 2, sometimes 3), or ask you for the email addresses of people who will write you these letters (it varies by program).  Note that some programs may also have minimum GPA requirements.

We will add links to programs here as we learn of new opportunities, ordered by deadlines (earliest to latest).  The application period for the summer typically starts in January and programs have a wide variety of deadlines that sometimes change, so be sure to check the webpages linked below to confirm the actual deadlines. We recommend applying to more than one as some of them are competetive.

Astronomy is not the only field to have REUs or research opportunities. There are also opportunities in the Physics Department and other sciences if you look and ask. An extensive list of physics resources and opportunities is available here.

Summer Research Programs

Ohio State Astronomy Summer Undergraduate Research Program, Deadline: 2021 Feb 12

NSF REU Programs in Astronomical Sciences (link to NSF) Deadlines: vary by REU program

All NSF REU Programs (link to NSF) Deadlines: vary by REU program

Compiled list of programs from AstroBetter, Deadlines: vary by program

Carnegie Summer Undergraduate Research Program, Deadline: 2021 Jan 31

DAWN-IRES Scholars Program in Copenhagen, Denmark (through UMass), Deadline: 2021 Feb 1

NRAO Summer Student Research Assistantships, Deadline: 2021 Feb 1

Harvard-Smithsonian Summer Astrophysics REU Intern Program, Deadline: 2021 Feb 1

National Astronomy Consortium (NAC) at NRAO, Deadline: 2021 Feb 3

Cornell University REU, Deadline: 2021 Feb 5

Brigham Young University (BYU) Physics and Astronomy REU, Deadline: 2021 Feb 15

Washington State University (WSU) REU in Physics and Astronomy, Deadline: 2021 Feb 19

NASA Summer Internships, Summer Session Deadline: 2021 Mar 5

JPL Summer Internship Program, Deadline: 2021 Mar 31



REU = Research Experiences for Undergraduates
NSF = National Science Foundation
NRAO = National Radio Astronomy Observatory
JPL = NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA