Spring Semester 2021


Preliminary listing of Spring 2021 Astronomy courses

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Course Listings and Times


Astronomy 1101: From Planets to the Cosmos

Dr. Barbara Ryden, MoWeFr 12:40-1:35, Distance Learning

Astronomy 1101 Lab Sections:

Dr. Wayne Schlingman: 7 sections
Tu 11:30-1:35, MP1015 and EL1008 (2 sections - Hybrid)
Tu 1:50-3:55, MP1015 and EL1008 (2 sections - Hybrid)
We 1:50-3:55, MP1046 and EL1008 (2 sections - Hybrid)
We 10:20-12:15, SH0115 (1 section - Hybrid)

Astronomy 1102: From Planets to the Cosmos Online

Dr. Richard Pogge, Online Course

Astronomy 1140: Planets and the Solar System

Dr. Kris Stanek, TuTh 11:10-12:30, Distance Learning

Astronomy 1141: Life in the Universe

Dr. Richard Pogge, MoWeFr, 1:50-2:45, Distance Learning
Dr. Marc Pinsonneault, MoWeFr, 9:10-10:05, Distance Learning

Astronomy 1142: Black Holes

Dr. Chris Kochanek, MoWeFr 11:30-12:25, Distance Learning

Astronomy 1221: Astronomy Data Analysis

Prof. Donald Terndrup, MoWeFr 3:00-3:55 BN0110A Hybrid
Prof. Donald Terndrup
, MoWeFr 3:00-3:55 Distance Learning


Astronomy 2292: Stellar, Galactic & Extragalactic Astrophysics 

Prof. Laura Lopez, MoWeFr 12:40-1:35pm, Distance Learning

Astronomy 5205: Planetary Science

Profs. Wendy Panero and Ji Wang, TuTh 9:35-10:55, ML0100, In-Person

Astronomy 5682: Introduction to Cosmology

Dr. Chris Kochanek, TuTh 12:45-2:05pm, Distance Learning


Astronomy 7810: Order-of-Magnitude Astrophysics

Drs. Todd Thompson & Scott Gaudi, We 3:55-5:15pm, MP4054

Astronomy 8831: Stellar Structure & Evolution

Dr. Marc Pinsonneault, TuTh 8:50-10:20am, MP2019 (Hybrid/DL)

Astronomy 8871: Interstellar & Intergalactic Medium

Dr. Adam Leroy, MoWeFr 9:10-10:05am, SH0115 (Hybrid/DL)