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Full listing of Autumn 2021 Astronomy courses

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Course Listings and Times


Astronomy 1101: From Planets to the Cosmos

Dr. Adam Leroy, MoWeFr 12:40–1:35pm, Online Lecture

Astronomy 1101 Lab Sections (in-person):

Dr. Wayne Schlingman
Tu 11:30am–1:20pm, McPherson Lab 2017 & 2019 (2 sections)
Tu 1:50–3:40pm, McPherson Lab 2017 & 2019 (2 sections)
We 10:20am–12:25pm, Evans Lab 2002 (1 section)
We 1:50–3:40pm, McPherson Lab 1021 & 1035 (2 sections)

Astronomy 1102: From Planets to the Cosmos Online

Dr. Smita Mathur, GE Online Course via Carmen (lecture only)

Astronomy 1140: Planets and the Solar System

Dr. Jennifer Johnson, TuTh 5:30–6:50pm, Arne Slettebak Planetarium

Astronomy 1141: Life in the Universe

Dr. Smita Mathur, MoWeFr 1:50–2:45pm, Online Lecture
Dr. Anil Pradhan, MoWeFr 9:10–10:05am, Knowlton Hall 0250

Astronomy 1142: Black Holes

Dr. David Weinberg, MoWeFr 3:00–3:55pm, Evans Lab 1008

Astronomy 1143: Cosmology: History of the Universe

Dr. Anil Pradhan, TuTh 12:45–2:05pm, MacQuigg Lab 0264

Astronomy 1144: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Dr. Ji Wang, TuTh 11:10-12:30pm, Knowlton Hall 0250


Astronomy 2291: Basic Astrophysics and Planetary Astronomy

Dr. Scott Gaudi, MoWeFr 9:10–10:05am, McPherson 1046
Dr. Barbara Ryden, MoWeFr 12:40–1:35pm, McPherson 2019

Astronomy 2895: Topics in Astrophysics

Dr. Scott Gaudi, Tu 3:00–3:55pm, Mpherson 1015 

Astronomy 3350: Methods of Astronomical Observation & Data Analysis

Dr. Donald Terndrup, MoWeFr 3:00–3:55pm, Pomerene Hall 280


Astronomy 5830: Observed Properties of Astronomical Systems

Dr. Kris Stanek, MoWeFr 8:50–10:20am, MP 4054

Astronomy 8824: Numerical & Statistical Methods in Astrophysics

Dr. Paul Martini, TuTh 8:50–10:20am, MP 4054