In-School and Library Programs

OSU Astronomy doing Outreach at Huntington Park.

Bring the Astronomy Department to your classroom or group! We offer a variety of activities that include talks on topics that range from the latest astronomy news to in-depth discussions on areas of our expertise, demonstrations, and activities for all ages, and complete classroom lessons that are designed around state curriculum standards. And did we mention we have telescopes? Please look through the information below and click the following button to request a visit. 

Guided activities 

These tabletop or hands-on demos can be requested with a talk, and are appropriate for classrooms, groups, and outreach events.

  • Properties of Light - Discover refraction, absorption, scattering, and simple optics with lasers and flashlights
  • Large-scale Structure - Explore the universe at the very largest scales and make your own cosmic web
  • The Vacuum of Space - Learn about the properties of the vacuum and the surprising behaviors of materials
  • Finding Exoplanets - Make your own exoplanet and learn how astronomers detect them
  • Meteorites - Explore the history of the solar system and get hands-on with these samples of many kinds of meteorites, from pallasites to chondrites
  • H-alpha Telescope - See the face of the sun with this special telescope

Complete classroom lessons

These fully self-contained inquiry-based lessons in a box will be delivered upon request (and availability) complete with a content expert from OSU to deliver the lesson and to be available for other topic-related questions. Preview materials and lesson plans here.

  • Cosmic Cratering - Kinesthetic learning and physical activity combining astronomy and physics. Both measurement and inquiry are re-enforced. 
  • Solar System Scales - Conceptual understanding of sizes, distances, and masses in the Solar System.
  • Starlight Steering Scarabs - Interdisciplinary, kinesthetic learning combining astronomy/physics with biology and ecology.

Telescope Lending Library

Check out telescopes for your group up to 2 6-inch telescopes and binoculars and star-wheels / planispheres. These telescopes are for educational groups only. Not sure if your group qualifies just ask!