Undergraduate Students Win Research Scholarships

November 21, 2016
SURP 2016 Participants

Undergraduate Astronomy & Astrophysics majors Fangze Liu, Joseph Schulze, and Andrew Taylor have been awarded Undergraduate Research Scholarships from the Arts & Sciences Honors Committee. All three students participated in the Department of Astronomy's Summer Undergraduate Research Program in 2016, and were awarded the scholarships to continue their research projects. Fangze Liu is working with Prof. Smita Mathur on Time-Dependent Soft X-Ray Absorption in Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows, Joseph Schulze is working with Prof. Donald Terndrup on Characterization of LP 133-373: A Detached Eclipsing dMe Binary, and Andrew Taylor is working with Prof. Todd Thompson on The Effect of Kozai Oscillations on Eccentricity Distributions and Merger Rates of Compact Objects. Congratulations to all three students!