SURP 2019 ends with an incredible symposium

July 30, 2019

SURP 2019 ends with an incredible symposium

SURP 2019 cohort

Congratulations to all members of the Astronomy Department’s Student Undergraduate Research Program on completing their summer’s work! This past Friday, the SURP students presented their work to faculty, peers, and advisors fueled by pre-symposium pizza. All students did a wonderful job conveying their curiosities, analyses, and conclusions to a diverse audience of astronomy experts and enthusiasts. We look forward to keeping in touch with these students as they progress through their degree and continue to seek new discoveries within our universe!

Talks in the order they appeared:

Serena Cronin, The Local Environment of Low-Redshift Supernovae

Victoria Niu, Better Cosmological Measurements with BAL Quasars

Jack Warfield, Revealing the Ages of Red Giants in the K2 Field

Abigail Aronica, Building a Galactic Synthesis Model to Aid in the Detection of Planets Through Microlensing

Nicholas Clawson, Correcting for the Distortion of Sloan and Dupont Telescopes Using Zhao-Burge Polynomials

Jacqueline Appel, Probing the ADF and Chemical Abundances in the Far-Ultraviolent in M101

Conor Hayes, An Environmental Analysis of Four Ultra-Diffuse Galaxy Candidates

Ian Dela Cruz, Weak Gravitational Lensing of Galaxy Clusters in LSST DESC DC2

Rani Hinnawi, Recalculating Fe-XVIII Opacity Using Flexible Atomic Code

Dhvanil Desai, Galaxy Alignment with Surrounding Large-Scale Structure

Nikki Justice, Angular Momentum Loss in Eclipsing Binaries: A Modern Statistical Analysis