Emily Griffith wins 2021 Graduate Associate Leadership Award

April 13, 2021

Emily Griffith wins 2021 Graduate Associate Leadership Award

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The Graduate Associate Leadership Award (GALA) is Ohio State’s recognition of the exceptional leadership provided by graduate students as leaders (on and off-campus) while being an OSU graduate student. Emily Griffith has shown outstanding leadership in many areas and we are proud of her accomplishments. Congratulations Emily!!!

There are many definitions of “leadership” in the literature, for the purpose of the GALA, leadership is defined as:

Leading others through passion and vision, produced by conviction. Having strong communication and listening skills. Assuring that team members have the skills and abilities to do their jobs and rise to their full potential. Giving feedback, coaching, and training. Motivating and inspiring others to work toward achieving common goals and innovations.

Recipients of the GALA will be honored by President Johnson and Provost McPheron in a ceremony on Friday, April 23, 2021, at 3:30pm via Zoom.