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Astronomy looking to hire Academic Program Specialist for Undergraduate Education

April 27, 2023

Astronomy looking to hire Academic Program Specialist for Undergraduate Education

Astronomy 1101 - From Planets to the Cosmos

Check out our job posting on Workday or the AAS Job Register. We are looking to hire a person to be a part of our undergraduate instructional team.

Job Announcement: 

The Department of Astronomy in the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University invites applications for an Academic Program Specialist to start in Summer 2023.The Academic Program Specialist will support the educational goals in the Department of Astronomy, as we seek to build one of the nation's top public university undergraduate major programs. The main responsibilities will include:

  • Instructional lead for laboratory sections of undergraduate astronomy courses. This includes recruiting, training, and weekly advising of the lab TAs and IAs, overseeing grading of lab assignments, communicating with students, coordinating with the lecture instructor, maintaining and adding to the exercises and materials for the labs, and monitoring lab sections and stepping in to provide support where needed.
  • Coordinate the department undergraduate research program. This includes organization of the summer undergraduate research program, assisting students to find other summer research opportunities, organizing undergraduate research seminars, and advising students who want to apply to graduate programs.
  • Support undergraduate teaching and curriculum development. This includes general education courses and a survey course for undergraduate majors, and working with faculty to develop new course offerings.
  • Other support of the undergraduate major program that includes: leading in astronomy and astrophysics major recruitment, developing and organizing an undergraduate tutoring program, serving as primary department contact for the graduate student-led Polaris program, and developing and maintaining contacts between the Astronomy department and its undergraduate and graduate alumni.


A BA in Astronomy or Physics + 4 years or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A MA or PhD in Astronomy or Physics with 8 years of experience is desired. Appointment is contingent on the university’s verification of credentials and other information required by law and/or university policies, including but not limited to a criminal background check.