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Kiersten Boley

Kiersten Boley

Kiersten Boley

Graduate Student


4029 McPherson Lab


  • M.S. 2021, Astronomy, The Ohio State University
  • B.S 2019, Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • A.S. 2015, Physics, Georgia Highlands College

Hello! I am a Ph.D Candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow. Broadly, my research focuses on the impacts of elemental abundances on planet formation and evolution. Currently, I work with Jessie Christiansen (NASA/IPAC) and Prof. Ji Wang on planet occurrence rates v.s. metallicity. I also work with Wendy Panero to constrain mass-radius relationships for magma ocean planets. When I'm not doing research, I am 1/4 of a grad-student lead astronomy podcast, astro [sound] bites, which brings breaks down current astronomy research for undergrads and the public. 

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