Spring Semester 2018

Undergraduate Non-Major Classes

Astronomy 1101: From Planets to the Cosmos

Prof. Todd Thompson, MoWeFr 12:40-1:35pm, CM200

Astronomy 1101 Lab Sections:

Dr. Stephan Frank: 6 sections
Tu 10:20-12:10, Smith Lab 3082 & 3094 (2 sections)
Tu 1:50-3:40pm, Smith Lab 3082 & 3094 (2 sections)
We 1:50-3:40pm, Smith Lab 3082 & 3094 (2 sections)

Astronomy 1102: From Planets to the Cosmos Online

Prof. Kris Stanek, GE Online (Lecture Only)

Astronomy 1140: Planets and the Solar System

Prof. Barbara Ryden, TuTh 11:10-12:30, EA0170

Astronomy 1141: Life in the Universe

Prof. Laura Lopez, TuTh 11:10-12:30, JR251
Prof. Richard Pogge, MWF, 1:50-2:45, CZ0150

Astronomy 1142: Black Holes

Prof. Chris Kochanek, MoWeFr 11:30-12:25, SOE0040

Astronomy 1143: Cosmology: History of the Universe

Prof. Adam Leroy, MoWeFr 12:40-1:35, CL0120

Astronomy 1144: Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe

Prof. Smita Mathur, TuTh 9:30-10:55, BE0120

Undergraduate Major Classes

Astronomy 2292: Stellar, Galactic & Extragalactic Astrophysics 

Prof. Scott Gaudi, MoWeFr 12:40-1:35pm, CL0177

Astronomy 5681: Principles of Stellar Evolution & Nucleosynthesis

Prof. Jennifer Johnson, TuTh 12:45-2:05pm, Ramseyer 100

Graduate Courses

Astronomy 7810: Order-of-Magnitude Astrophysics

Profs. David Weinberg & Kris Stanek, We 3:55-5:15pm, MP4054

Astronomy 8870: Dynamics

Prof. Annika Peter, TuTh 8:50-10:20am, MP4054

Astronomy 8873: Cosmology

Prof. Chris Kochanek, MoWeFr 9:10-10:05am, MP4054